We are Modern, Transparent, and Human.

We use technology from start to finish. We are completely paperless from the move-in checklist through returning the security deposit. We report tenant rent payments every 24 hours to Experian Rentbureau where this data is incorporated into their Experian credit reports. We are faster, lighter, more organized, and more adaptive to change than our competition.

We are transparent at every step of the way. Owners have access to detailed reports on financials, maintenance issues, tenant leases, and photos of their property. Tenants know what they’re signing up for to include the condition of their apartment, to their responsibilities with rent, through the handling of their security deposit. We respond to emails. If we say we will do something- it’s done.

We are human beings. We don’t automatically initiate evictions after 6 days of late rent. We work with tenants and owners to establish expectations to include when to show flexibility and when to draw a line in the sand. We protect owners’ cash flow and investment while respecting the dignity of tenants.

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