1. Attractive Listing Advertisement. In order to find good tenants, you have to get them interested in the property. This starts with engaging marketing of the rental unit.
  2. Attentive Professional Communication. Good tenants expect a professional and reliable property manager. We will communicate effectively and often to answer any preliminary questions of interested applicants to retain the highest quality leads.
  3. Low Application Fees. We have some of the most competitive application fees of any major management company in the area ($40). We keep these costs low in order to drive in quality applicants and increase selectivity on your behalf.
  4. Nationwide Eviction History Check. We conduct a nation-wide search of eviction history to ensure the prospective tenant does not have a history of eviction or similar civil action.
  5. Income Verification. We require written documentation demonstrating appropriate income levels depending on the rent price of the unit. This comes in the form of pay stubs, tax filings, or similar.
  6. Credit Report. We use a trusted third party system to handle soft credit checks of our applicants. This credit inquiry does not affect their score and comes complete with open accounts and any delinquencies.
  7. Rental History Report. We review a nationwide Experian Rental Report to review any reported rental payments, positive or negative, for the prospect.
  8. Criminal History Report. We review detailed reports and descriptions of any prior criminal convictions.
  9. Reference Verification. We are able to reach out to past landlords, employers, or professional references to verify information provided by the applicant and assess his/her character and ability to meet rental obligations.
  10. Assessment Standards. We use all this verified information to evaluate the prospect against our strict but competitive application criteria.
  11. Deposit Collection. We collect up front payment of 3x the Monthly Rent from the tenant before key transfer. This is an important screening measure that helps ensure a prospect is responsible, financially stable, and is able to save and plan ahead.
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