Self-Guided Showings

How Otter Property Management safely and effectively coordinates self-guided showings for prospective renters in Philadelphia 

ID Scanning

We scan the bar code of the prospect’s state-issued ID to ensure validity

Cell Phone validation

We ensure the prospect is using a legitimate mobile phone number tied to the location of the address on their ID

Location Verification 

Before issuing access codes to an approved mobile device, tenants must permit location verification to prove they are on site

Rotating Access Codes

Access codes are only valid for a brief period of time around the scheduled show time. They are rotated shortly after each approved showing window

Benefits of Self-Guided Showings

Schedule showings before/after normal working hours

Avoid scheduling conflicts and cancellations between prospects and showing agents

Lower labor costs for showings are passed on to owners

Tenants prefer to tour at their own pace & reschedule seamlessly if desired