Our Fees

This is it. What we charge to give you the best property management experience in Philadelphia.

Management Fee-
5%-9% of rents received

Management Fees scale with your portfolio market rent. Unlock management fees as low as 5%

Contractor Coordination-
$69 or 10% of invoice

If we coordinate work with an outside contractor we will charge you $69 or 10% of any external contractor invoice, whichever is higher. This covers our expenses in scheduling, notifying tenants, coordinating secure key transfer, signing service contracts, collecting pics of the work, paying invoices, issuing 1099, tracking warranties, etc.

Leasing Service-
1 month’s rent

In exchange for finding a ready, willing, and able tenant to occupy a vacant or expected vacant property, we charge one month’s rent.

Lease Renewal-
10% of 1 month’s rent

In exchange for negotiating and coordinating a lease renewal for current existing tenants, including all required updates and disclosures, we charge 10% of 1 month’s rent.

  • Rental License Renewal- INCLUDED
  • Maintenance Troubleshooting- INCLUDED
  • Utility Billing – INCLUDED
  • Key Copy- $9/key
  • Lockchange- $49/lock
  • Air Filter Change- $69
  • Lawn Care- $69+/cut
  • Snow Removal- $69+/snowfall
  • General Property Inspection- $95
  • Move in/out Inspection- $95
  • Eviction Diversion Conference- $195
  • Lead Safe Inspection- $295
  • Eviction- $995 + Court Fees

Management Fees decrease as your Portfolio Market Rent increases

Portfolio Market Rent = the estimated monthly rent for your portfolio

Want to learn a bit more about our fees? Check out the nitty-gritty in our FAQs