Our Fees

This is it. What we charge to give you the best property management experience in Philadelphia.

Management Fee-
5%-9% of rents received

Management Fees scale with your portfolio market rent. Unlock management fees as low as 5%

Contractor Coordination-
$69 or 10% of invoice

Sometimes we can’t handle maintenance issues internally. If we have to use an outside contractor we will charge you $69 or 10% of any external contractor invoice, whichever is higher. This covers our expenses in scheduling, notifying tenants, coordinating secure key transfer, signing service contracts, paying invoices, issuing 1099, etc.

Leasing Service-
1 month’s rent

In exchange for finding a ready, willing, and able tenant to occupy a vacant or expected vacant property, we charge one month’s rent.

Lease Renewal-
10% of 1 month’s rent

In exchange for negotiating and coordinating a lease renewal for current existing tenants, including all required updates and disclosures, we charge 10% of 1 month’s rent.

General maintenance/admin Rates
  • Rental License Renewal- INCLUDED
  • Maintenance Troubleshooting- INCLUDED
  • Key Copy- $9/key
  • Lockchange- $49/lock
  • Air Filter Change- $69
  • Lawn Care- $69+/cut
  • Snow Removal- $79+/snowfall
  • General Property Inspection- $95
  • Move in/out Inspection- $95
  • Eviction Diversion Conference- $195
  • Lead Safe Inspection- $295
  • Eviction- $995 + Court Fees

Management Fees decrease as your portfolio value increases

Management Fees are based on Portfolio Market Rent = the estimated monthly rent for your portfolio

Maintenance Packages

Upgrade to a Premium or Advanced Maintenance Package to protect your Property and save money with preventative maintenance


Maintenance Package


Included in Management Fee

  • Unlimited 24/7 Tenant Communication
  • Troubleshooting Maintenance through Chat
  • Troubleshooting Maintenance through Phone
  • Quotes/Estimate for necessary maintenance


Maintenance Package

$ 49

per unit monthly

  • Everything in the Basic Package
  • 2 Home Wellness Checks per year
  • 2 HVAC Filter Changes per year
  • 2 Smoke Detector Tests per year
  • 2 Exterior Property Inspections per year
  • 1 Roof Inspection per year
  • 1 HVAC Tune-up per year
  • 2 Professional Common Area Cleaning


Maintenance Package

$ 69

per unit monthly

  • Everything in the Preimum Package
  • +2 Exterior Property Inspections per year
  • +1 HVAC Tune-up per year
  • +4 Property Surrounding Cleanup per year
  • UNLIMITED snow removal for steps/sidewalk

Want to learn a bit more about our fees? Check out the nitty-gritty in our FAQs