The Otter Approach to Listing Advertisements

How Philadelphia’s Premier Property Management Solution ensures your rental listing is set up for success

The Four “P’s” of Rental Advertising

It all comes down to this. Based on our experience- the appeal and success of your listing is going to be based almost entirely on these four factors


Most prospects filter by location first. This is a fundamental principal of real estate. Whether they are filtering by city, neighborhood, block, or building; we are directly limited in our potential by the location. 

We cannot affect this fundamental


Most prospects are filtering for housing based on their budget. You can expose your rental listing to an entire new pool of prospects with a decrease in rent price. A change in price is the most powerful tool we have to increase your listing exposure.

We can affect this fundamental


We only have seconds to convert a viewer into a lead. Experience shows that a large majority of prospects do not read listing descriptions. They judge a rental by its presentation in photos. Photos mean everything here. We strive to have appealing photos that demonstrate the strengths and amenities of your listing.

We can affect this fundamental


We have to get your listing in front of potential tenants. It’s our job to ensure maximum exposure of our listing advertisement to as many relevant eyes as possible.

We can affect this fundamental