Eviction Options

In the unfortunate event of an eviction in Philadelphia, Otter Property Management offers owners three different options to suit all needs and budgets

Step-by-Step Eviction

$ 195+
+ plus court costs

Pay for each step of the eviction process if and when they arise.

  • Put legal pressure on non-paying tenants
  • Lower up-front cost
  • Saves $ in the event tenants voluntarily vacate
  • Could end up paying more than One-Step
1- Notice

Notice to Quit ($29 if required) or other legal notices 

2- Diversion ($195)

We will apply, schedule, and negotiate for you at the required Eviction Diversion mediation conference prior to filing for eviction

3- Eviction Filing ($295)

If we can’t come to an agreement at the Diversion, or if tenant defaults, we will notify the diversion program and file for eviction.

4- Eviction Hearing ($295)

Attend eviction hearing as your representative and attempt to get a judgment in your favor. This price is PER required hearing.

5- Writs ($195)

We will file the Writ of Possession and Alias Writ and coordinate the lockout as soon as possible

6- Lockout Coordination ($195)

We will ensure there is a representative at the lockout. We will coordinate a lock change on the building and secure all entry points. Locksmith charges are additional.

7- Belonging Pickup (as invoiced)

Tenants have up to 30 days to schedule a time to remove personal belongings. We will oversee this process for security

Appeals/Emergency Petitions ($395)

If tenant appeals a judgment or requests an emergency petition of any sort there is an additional charge of $395 per required response/answer.

One-Step Eviction

$ 1,200
+ plus court costs

Start-to-finish eviction handled in-house at Otter Property Management. This includes legal fees through services of the lockout if necessary. Includes all OPM fees. Does not include legal filing fees, appeals, or locksmith charges

  • Virtually zero administrative work for owner
  • Saves $ against Step-by-Step to complete lockout
  • Fastest
  • Higher up front cost than Step-by-Step
  • More expensive than HAPCO
  • Does not include appeals or tenant petitions

HAPCO Eviction

$ 1,129
includes court costs

HAPCO Members ($206 Membership) may use the HAPCO eviction services along with the respected and experienced Baritz Law Firm.

  • Experienced Law Firm
  • Cheaper Total Cost for HAPCO members
  • Includes court costs/filing fees
  • Slower
  • Must be coordinated directly with HAPCO by the owner
  • Does not include lockout coordination, locksmith, or personal belonging removal

OPM Eviction Services are for property management clients only

Results are *NOT* guaranteed

Pricing is for administratively compliant properties only

Court filing fees vary by case. They are typically between $120-$450 total