Delinquency Process and Timeline

An overview of Otter Property Management’s handling of the delinquency process in Philadelphia. Timelines and costs are subject to change and represent a professional estimate.

10 Days

OPM Fee: (No Charge)

Court Fee: (No Charge)

Tenants are afforded the opportunity to propose a reasonable timeline to pay late rent in the same month of it’s due date. 

i.e. “I had some major car repairs, so I will pay rent and the late fee on the 12th this month”

This only applies to tenants who are < 10 days delinquent and do not have a significant history of missed payments in the past.

30 Days

OPM Fee: $195 (charged back to tenant)

Court Fee: (No Charge)

We apply for the mandatory Eviction Diversion Program in Philadelphia. We have 30 days to come to a payment plan agreement with the tenant. If 30 days pass and no satisfactory agreement is reached, we are eligible to file for eviction.

30-45 Days

OPM Fee: $295 (charged back to tenant)

Court Fee: $106-$130 (charged back to tenant)

Once we have prepared the eviction filing we will be assigned a court date 30-45 days out from the filing date.

1 Day

OPM Fee: $295 (charged back to tenant)

Court Fee: (No Charge)

We will represent you at your scheduled court date in an attempt to secure a money and possession judgment for your property. We will endeavor to enter into a Judgment by Agreement if a tenant is present or represented by counsel.

10 Days

OPM Fee: $195 (charged back to tenant)

Court Fee: $112 (charged back to tenant)

First of two required writ filings. Informs the tenants of the pending lockout and notifies the tenants of rights. May be filed 10 days after successful court date awarding possession. 

11 Days

OPM Fee: (No Charge)

Court Fee: $260 (charged back to tenant)

Filing the Alias Writ paperwork with the court system. Service of this writ occurs at the time of the lockout. Court fee covers Sherriff and police presence at the lockout. 

45-60 Days

OPM Fee: $195

Other Fees: $150-$400 (locksmith)

After filing the Alias Writ, we are ‘in line’ for the lockout. The lockout will include coordination of a locksmith on site to ensure access for the Sherriff and Police Department. OPM will coordinate a full walkthrough and photos of the unit, securing all windows, changing locks, and setting up a new lockbox to ensure access for our team and trusted contractors after securing possession of the unit.

Locksmith costs will vary depending on the need and amount of locks to pick/change.

10-30 Days

OPM Fee: as invoiced

Court Fee: (No Charge) 

State law requires owners to store tenant’s personal belongings for 10 days. If the tenant requests- this requirement extends to 30 days. Upon tenant request, OPM must coordinate a date/time for tenant to remove her belongings. OPM will supervise this process to ensure tenants do not attempt to reoccupy the property or change locks during personal item removal.

The OPM charge will vary depending on required coordination and supervision for tenant belonging removal, if any.

90+ Days

OPM Fee: $95

Debt Collector’s Fee: 40%

Beginning 90 days after move-out, we can submit any debt balance rightfully owed by your tenants to a third party debt collection service on your behalf.

This third party service will begin all collection activities authorized by law including formal reporting to credit agencies. They will also evaluate your case for subsequent legal filing for debt collection if appropriate.